Colorful characters encounter adventure and romance in my humorous capers. Readers seeking fun-filled and entertaining tales of improbable heroes thwarting villains and rascals while pursing talented and lovely women who may or may not be what they seem. Add a touch of twisted history and you have my two novels:

A magical ancient Celtic cross or a hoax?

Time traveler’s business partner is the King’s mistress.

Young Adults Fantasy

A BARD’S EYE VIEW  - anthology The Otherside Alliance
A BARD IN THE HAND - anthology Beyond the Bitter River
Adventures of Sarlon, bad-boy knight who takes on dangerous tasks while outwitting his uncle, the king, who prefers him dead.


"Roly's Relic"Roly's Relic: the Cross of Baal

Roly O’Leary discovers an old Celtic cross while on a trip to the small town of Bordum Grove, Tennessee. Little does he know that the cross is the sacred relic of an ancient band of assassins who want it back. Murder and mayhem follow.

Roly loses both the relic and his heart to Gumby, a college dean’s young assistant. The enigmatic beauty holds the cross for ransom, challenging the wonderfully terrible Mr. Pimm and his rookie hitman, Kenny. Can Roly find the cross and save Gumby?

Does the fabled Celtic cross have the power to fulfill its owner’s innermost desire or is it a hoax with a dubious history?

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"A Plague of Scoundrels"A Plague of Scoundrels

Elliot Vail is a floundering San Francisco stand-up comedian who will do anything for a cheap place to live. So when strange little Edward Bockman offers him free rent in exchange for some odd dos and don'ts, Elliot thinks his luck is about to change. After all, despite Bockman's overactive imagination, head-to-toe Robin Hood costume and locked bedroom door, he seems nice enough. Little does Elliot know that his new landlord is time-traveling to trysts with an ex-mistress of England's King Charles II . . . and that he'll soon be expected to rescue Bockman from a seventeenth-century prison and a deadly outbreak of the Black Plague.

Jon Cory’s humorous and romantic debut novel takes readers on a romp through London and the rural English countryside. Along the way, we meet a cast of scoundrels including petty thieves Tom Major and Tom Minor, Grundel the local hangman, and the villainous Frenchman Le Mieux. Then of course there’s the beautiful maidservant Lilly, who will lead Elliot Vail on the adventure of a lifetime. But will love be enough to keep Elliot in Plague-ridden London, or will he return to modern life in twenty-first-century San Francisco?


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"Beyond the Bitter River"Beyond the Bitter River. New adventures of Sarlon,
bad-boy knight.

When King Bellabond suspects the barons are plotting against him, he gives his nephew, Sarlon, twenty-four hours to leave Otherside Kingdom or be killed by the Wind Riders. Sarlon dashes for the remote territory called the Northern Empty where he must cross the Bitter River.

He is rescued from near death by his friend Mumblepeg, the spotted dwarf, who is in area seeking the source of the antidote for the poisonous waters. Life gets complicated when a beautiful young wizard intrudes. She just can’t seem to get the magic right.

Beyond the Bitter River is part of the A Bard in the Hand anthology edited Michael Ventrella from Double Dragon. The second in the YA Fantasy series.  

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"The Otherside Alliance" - "A Bard's Eye View"The Otherside Alliance

The Otherside Alliance is the adventurous tale of Sarlon a carefree young knight who is sent on an impossible task by his King to obtain an alliance with the powerful and mysterious Duke Frost of Ashbury. Sarlon comes up with a brilliant plan to achieve the Duke's support so long as no one one sees through the ruse. He teams up with a spotted dwarf name Mumblepeg to outfox the Duke's commissioner.

The Otherside Alliance is part of the A Bard's Eye View anthology edited by Michael Ventrella from Double Dragon. New York Times bestseller Jonathan Maberry called the new book ".. a wild and weird collection of fantasy stories that present some of the freshest writing around. Derring-do with a great sense of fun. Highly recommended."

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